Exercise Ideas

Yes, exercise can get boring. Really, really boring. And since I’m all about “mixing it up” and “keeping it fresh”, here are a few ideas to add some fun “freshness” back into your routine:

  • Invest in an inexpensive exercise ball like the ones at the gym. You can find a Gold’s Gym brand equivalent for about $20 at Walmart. Just check to be sure the size is right for you.
  • While out thrifting, look for a cheap pair of 1 or 2 pound hand weights.
  • Again thrifting or at discount stores like Ross and TjMaxx, see if they have cheap yoga (or exercise) mats. You can also find these type of items at garage sales.

Keep a box in another room for your “at home supplies”. And when you’re feeling like you need or want to get some activity in, you have an inexpensive home gym at your fingertips. I like to keep the ball in the living room and sit on it instead of the couch. Not only is your core engaged the whole time, but I usually roll around, do crunches during commercials, and even use it for other exercises which I’ll provide the links to today.

This is a great way to get in a mini session with very little effort. Plus it’s fresh!

Links to Videos and Exercises You Can Do At Home:

For the Really Motivated Folks, this is an Weeklong Bootcamp you can do at home with little or no equipment (scroll down to see the workouts listed for each day):


A great 8 minute upper body workout:


Great for Booty and Hamstrings:


Target those Abs and Lower Body, Genie Style (use your mat for added comfort/knee support):


Work out Those Pesky Inner Thighs:


Finally, work out everything at once using your new dumbbells:


You want more ideas? SparkPeople has a whole area devoted to terrific Exercise Demonstrations you can take a look at:


Would love to hear from you all with exercises you do at home and/or sites that you like with even more ideas. Promise to share with all!

So have a great day and get moving!



4 thoughts on “Exercise Ideas

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  2. Good post!
    I like to design simple workout programs for traveling clients.
    Ex.) Push Up Stand Up Workout
    Perform 1 push up, stand up, perform 2 push ups, stand up… until 10. Perform this as fast as you can and time yourself. Use this time as your rest period and reverse the sequence, counting down from 10. Simple yet effective way to nail out 110 push ups. Try it with another exercise!


      • Not a problem! If you would ever like guest posts or anything else let me know! Check out my blog (its pretty new at the moment) for more information on me and my credentials.

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