Fit Club: Week 3!!

After you’re done laughing…

This is week 3 of “Fit Club” – the promotion at my gym where if you go to 12 classes in the month of April you win exciting prizes like a t-shirt and a tote bag. Cool stuff, right?

But that’s not why I’m doing it. It’s the challenge of actually taking and completing 12 fitness classes in one month. And so far, I’ve completed, without walking out of even one, 9, count ’em, 9 classes! Including one horrendous thing called “Body Combat” which was so hard I almost threw up! As we were staggering out, people were commenting about how hardcore the class looked.

Now only 3 to go, maybe 4 just to be sure, and I will have met my goal and once again pushed the limits I used to believe existed. After living through Body Combat, and not walking out or throwing up, all I think about is “What next?”.

So I challenge all of you to ask the same question: What next? You can do something easy like paint your fingernails blue (which I also did just to try it out and I am not a nail polish kind of girl) or step it up. And then share your “step” with us and how it worked out! If it’s anything like mine, the nail polish is a bit weird but completing 9 challenging classes in 3 weeks has been so incredibly empowering I’m even doing other activities during my off time. I’m also doing extra cardio right after the classes. Crazy, right!

But no matter what, be proud of your accomplishment, whatever it is. I’m rooting for you!


2 thoughts on “Fit Club: Week 3!!

  1. Isn’t meeting goals an awesome experience? I make small goals for myself all the time (rather like your “I will go to 12 classes” goal, and it feels great when I get them done. It inspires me to move on to bigger and better things. And those reaaally big things don’t seem so big when you break them down into more manageable goals. 🙂

    • That is so true! Going to blog about another one met today but it really is inspirational. Thanks so much for your terrific comment and kudos to you on the goalsetting!!

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