New Day, New Challenge Met

Another Day, Another Challenge Met, Another Perceived Limit Overcome!

Flashback 2 years ago:

I was so paralyzed by anxiety and panic attacks I could barely drive and had trouble spending time with friends or going out for any length of time.

I could do only minimal errands and that was only by listening to my iPod turned up, running in and running out. Get-togethers were very hard because I’d have to know how many people were going to be there to mentally prepare and if there were more, unexpected ones, I usually had to leave. For the most part, La went to social events alone and her friends and coworkers doubted my actual existence.


After not enough sleep, an exhausting workout in the morning, and a too short nap, I went with La to the 50th birthday party of one of her friends/past coworkers – at a place I had never been, where I only knew about 4 people of the 40 plus folks there! I introduced myself first, talked to people I didn’t know, sat and chatted with two of our friends, all with only a brief period of low grade anxiety. THIS WAS A HUGE CHALLENGE MET!!!

I’ve been battling anxiety for almost 10 years now and I’ve had to leave (read: lost) 3 jobs and a lot of friends because of the meds, episodes, and general inability to function from daily, sometimes hourly panic attacks.

From daily anxiety it’s now once a month maybe and “normal” situational anticipatory anxiety (i.e. a new gym class, new restaurant, new friendships).

All I can do is express incredible gratitude to the amazing people who helped me get here, inspiring, supporting, and just plain love. Money, fame, success, all of those mean nothing without someone else to share them with. Thank you universe, for the blessings I have in my life and thank you those who read this blog for your support, amazing comments, and just being out there!

More inspiration and excitement tomorrow – sending out love and thanks through “space”!


8 thoughts on “New Day, New Challenge Met

  1. Sweetopiagirl, happy to post on your blog – and honored you asked! Have an entire archive of exercise tips and tricks, nutrition and diet ideas as well. Very happy to share!

    • Thanks so much!! Did eat a bit (ok a lot!) more than usual at the party as well as some diet soda, which I ordinarily don’t drink at all. Gained a bit from it but stomach rebelled and it’s gone now. Was a huge deal and opens up doors thought were closed.

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