Dreams of Beautiful Lingerie

One of the things we “fluffy” gals don’t talk about that often, at least I didn’t, is the lack of “pretty” underwear the bigger you get. Sure Lane Bryant and some online stores have some ok stuff but looking in the mirror when trying it on all I saw was the bulges and not the lace!

This is a wonderful article from Dr. Laura Berhman’s “Love and Sex” website and am reposting it for you here. A big goal for me is, as part of hitting goal weight, to buy beautiful lingerie that makes me look and feel beautiful, whether it’s under a pair of sweats or a pretty dress. No more cotton undies from Target!! The article has references to sites you can go to now for lovely things (and she mentions Target as well, just not cotton undies!).

So enjoy and I highly recommend her site for the obvious but also building better self esteem and body image.

Exercise Can Help Women Feel Better About Their Bodies

It is important to find healthy ways to enhance your self-image, such as exercise and even wearing clothing that helps you feel sexy.

Do you feel confident in your own skin?

Unfortunately, many people don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror — especially women. There is so much pressure to be thin in our society, and this pressure can lead women and girls to go to unhealthy extremes to lose weight.

Not only does this lack of self-esteem impact a woman’s happiness and health, it can also impact her relationships. Sexual enjoyment can be compromised because women feel too inhibited or awkward to truly let go and enjoy sex. Instead, they are worried about the shapes of their bodies and the cellulite on their thighs.

Some women even try to treat this discomfort with alcohol. An alarming new study from the United Kingdom has found that most women prefer to knock back a few cocktails before having sex. Most of the survey respondents admitted that they turn to alcohol because it helps them feel more desirable and allows them to check their body-image issues at the door. According to the study, almost half of the female respondents reported that alcohol helps them to lose their inhibitions and feel more adventurous during sex. And swinging singles weren’t the only ones who confessed a reliance on liquid courage. Seventy-five percent of women in committed relationships also reported that they have a few libations before having intercourse with their boyfriend or husband.

These shocking findings illustrate the severe impact that body-image issues can have on a woman’s relationships and sex life. Alcohol helps a woman forget that she isn’t a size zero and that she doesn’t have the boobs she had when she was 20 years old.

Luckily, there are ways to boost your body confidence that don’t include liquid courage. Consider the following:

Exercise for self-esteem. Forget about the scale or fitting into a size two. Exercise should be about getting active and staying healthy as well as its mood-boosting benefits that decrease depression and improve self-esteem. The next time you find yourself feeling down about the way your jeans fit, go for a walk with a friend or take a relaxing yoga class to help you leave the blues behind and find peace of mind. Reap these mood-boosting benefits on date night by hitting the gym before dinner or by doing a quick exercise video at home before you get dressed for a date.

Find lingerie that works for you. Life is too short for granny panties. Yet many women are afraid to dress seductively because they believe they are “too fat” to look good in pretty lingerie. Think again! Everyone deserves beautiful underthings, and there are so many flattering and comfortable brands of lingerie out there. With such a wide variety of colors and styles, there really is something for every body. Lula Lu specializes in lingerie for petite women, while Eve’s Apples specializes in lingerie for women with small breasts. Hips and Curves offers a variety of lingerie for curvy and plus-sized women, and HotMilk offers lingerie for women who are pregnant or nursing. Nor do you have to search out designer lines: Stores such as Target and Victoria’s Secret also have abundant varieties of undergarments that can satisfy the inner vixen in you.

Find the size and styles that work for you, whether it’s leopard boyshorts, a lacy thong, or a hot-pink pair of cheekys. Now hold your shoulders back and strut your stuff…and, trust me, the look on your partner’s face will be more rewarding than any number of cocktails! ~

Link: http://www.drlauraberman.com/sexual-health/exercise-and-movement/exercise-for-better-body-image?xid=nl_EverydayHealthLivingWithDepression_20120423


7 thoughts on “Dreams of Beautiful Lingerie

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  2. When I am feeling particularly sassy I like to put on thigh high stockings. Nobody knows but me, but it gives me a little umph in my day. I do think the right undergarments help gove women the confidence they need. Thanks for the share!

    • It does! And why shouldn’t we treat ourselves to something that makes us feel pretty and special, whatever our size. It certainly starts the day off on a positive note!

  3. I am looking forward to wearing pretty dresses this Spring/Summer. I struggle with the bathing suits more than the underwear because at least I can cover up the underwear – ha! Great Post – Happy Monday:)

    • Thanks for commenting – and I’m not touching the bathing suit situation either! Still a ways away from that. Thanks for great comment!!

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