Walking for A Cause…Stigma Busting

A Proud Day, An Exciting Day, A Stigma-Busting Day – NAMIWalks 2012, raising money to fight the stigma of mental illness, provide support and services to those in need and their families and support.

Two years ago La and I were a team of 2 walking to support “Bring Change 2 Mind”, Glenn Close‘s non-profit organization inspired by her sister who has bipolar disorder. We raised a measly $200 but it was a start.

Today, we were a proud group of 13 and raised over $1,065. We wore our “Bring Change 2 Mind” t-shirts with pride, three of us with the word “Bipolar” front and center of the front. It was an empowering, hot, and sweaty day and we have wonderful team pictures to prove it. Even more exciting, the event raised almost $100,000 and had 600 walkers!

Best of all, we had two of our best friends walking with us wearing the official BC2M tshirts and all together we went out for breakfast afterward, out in public, stigma-busting in our t-shirts.

And now, we already have exciting plans for next year. My goal is a team of 30 and to raise at least $5,000. It’s a bit of jump from 12 gym classes in a month and losing weight. But it’s another step. And for those with depression, bp, or any other type of challenge, that’s the way of it. Step by step.

So please join me today to celebrate ours and NAMI’s success and reclaiming yet another bit of courage and self respect. It was a proud day for all of us, challenged or not!

Here’s a wonderful PSA by Ron Howard about this wonderful organization and our NAMIWalks efforts:


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