Manic Week!

WHEW! What A Week!!

All the times we’ve talked about “mixing it up” with activity, not only to keep things fresh, but also to keep your body guessing, one sure fire calorie-burner is getting ready for a big yard sale!

Between moving everything around, picking up and putting things down, and all the running around prep activities, you are sure to “burn”. We spent 4 days, 3-4 hours each day, working and sweating. I am pooped and the sale isn’t until tomorrow. We’ll be up bright and early to move all of it out of the garage and that’s guaranteed to burn off more calories. Plus all the running around during the event.

Would this have been possible 2 years ago? No! La would have had to do most of the prep work by herself and I would help out the day of. Maybe I would have lasted the whole day and helped get the leftovers to Goodwill, maybe not.

What’s the difference? Balance. Planning to complete the activity over time, organizing to make it easier, taking time during the day to rest and prepare mentally, and doing short periods of exercise and meditation here and there. Eating right and getting enough sleep. When dealing with a mood disorder, balance and pacing are everything. And planning ahead of time is essential to plug in rest and downtime so as not to get overwhelmed and crash.

But considering I had the periodontist appointment this week which was stress city and then 2 days of recovery, rising to the garage sale occasion is quite a feat.

So wish us luck tomorrow and remember: balance and planning!


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