17 Day Diet, Day 2

After last month’s “Fit Club” 12 class schedule, there’s the good news and the bad news.

The Good News: my body is changing shape, more definition, stronger, more endurance, under arm “wings” and “fubas” are noticably smaller.

The Bad News: I ended up at just about the same weight as I started!

What To Do About It?:

Going back to where I started – The 17 Day Diet. Bottom lining it, major cut in the carbs department, mainly protein and veggies to create a calorie deficit and kick start my metabolism.

Why Am I Doing This?:

After doing so well for over a year, I’m tired and have been back sliding more and more. As hard as I’ve been working out, my diet has gone to hell in a handbasket and I needed to go back to a very structured program requiring a major, but short term commitment to get back on track. Yes, this is a very tough one, but “Fit Club” was no picnic either. But I seem to do better with structure and following through when I make a promise. Plus La is doing this with me as she wants to lose some more weight. She’s an inspiration to me as she’s kept the weight she lost off for a year! Pretty impressive!

How’s It Going?:

I’m hungry and using the watercloset it seems like every 5 minutes. Hatha Yoga, usually pretty doable, wore me out tonight. Planned to do Bikram tomorrow and we’ll see how that goes. So 15 days to go – that’s only a little over 2 weeks. So I’ll be hungry, so what. If you saw the state of my sneakers and the 4 months I’ve been working to earn a better pair, you’d know my desperation. But getting past this plateau and back on track to lose the last 45 pounds and achieve this critical goal is my priority now. And I could use all the support I can get!

What I’ve Learned, Again and Again and Again:

Other bloggers have said this and I’ve been learning it the hard way: the path is not a straight line! It’s up and down and up again. It’s frustrating, maddening, discouraging, and takes strength, courage, and a hell of a lot of help from my friends (and of course my amazing wife). When you hit the wall, and you probably will, remember you can climb over it or grab a sledgehammer and beat the thing down. It’s a head game and you can win it. As always, one step at a time. Being here for each other, we can do it!



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