Tired? Too Bad!!

Wanted this BIG, Front and Center!!

It’s been an almost week long “lady’s time” and I am wiped out. Blew off yoga twice this week and even some quick cleaning today has me back on the couch. Will be going to a core exercise class and trying to do some cardio tonight.

The Good News: I only lost a bit of weight loss leeway this week and am back on “The 17 Day Diet”.

The Not So Good News: I’ve only lost 10 pounds total in 4 1/2 months! That’s way behind schedule (where I wanted to be now – 20 pound loss). But at least still losing and maybe a good time to examine what’s going on with diet and tweaking the exercise. Always look for the lemonade!

So today will push through the fatigue and hit the gym – sure that will help kick the energy back up. So the basic lesson is one we keep practicing and practicing and one I talked about yesterday: fall down, get back up, get back to work!!

We can do this!!!!

If in doubt, watch the video below AGAIN and AGAIN until pumped back up:


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