WAKE UP!! PUT ON YOUR SNEAKERS (AND YOUR CLOTHES!). GET THOSE FEET OUT ON SOME ASPHALT! But first, check out this inspiration video (thanks David!). Off to a workout group. Oh and – I’M UNDER 200 POUNDS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 11 YEARS – CELEBRATE WITH ME FOLKS – WE CAN ALL DO THIS THING!!!

Live & Learn

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  1. Hey, Lara,
    I’ve been missing you and figured out I still wasn’t getting email notices of your blog. I just re-subscribed, so I hope now those inspiring notices will be forthcoming.
    After a week of deep depression and pain from physical therapy, I’m recommitting this morning to my Clean Eating, turning off the TV, and getting back to the gym. I know that’s all that matters—getting back on the horse.

    • Have had a pretty rough week too – you weren’t missing anything – I was awhol for a short bit. But back and looking forward to today’s post. But very happy for you to getting back on the horse with your eating, no tv, and getting active again. That takes so much courage and dedication. So thrilled to hear you’re doing better!

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