Beauty In The Eye of Your Beholder

Checking Reality:

This morning, when you looked in the mirror, was the face / figure looking back a bit different than the image you hold in your mind? The images we see on billboards, in magazines, on tv and the movies? That picture from prom, college, your wedding day?

In our quest to lose weight, look fashionable, decorate our homes and other spaces to impress others or “reflect our personalities” in the latest paint colors of the season, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Mainly, looking and feeling authentic to our true selves.

The reality is that the images we are fed and quietly expected to live up to aren’t real to begin with. Colors are created to sell cars, clothes, makeup and perfume. The women you see are airbrushed (sure you knew that) but take a look below to see how far we have strayed from what “real” women, admired and worshiped not so long ago. The first is the original “Birth of Venus”, a masterpiece and the height of female beauty. The second is the photoshopped version of what it is now considered how the perfect woman should be proportioned. that is if she’s 14. Take a look and hopefully a reality check.

Take a good look – and keep an important fact in mind during your weight loss journey – losing weight to get healthy, strong, toned, and get back that energy you’ve been missing is one thing. Trying to look like an emaciated adolescent is another.

And trying to match that face in the mirror with your 21 year old self is counterproductive and unfair to the beautiful person life has helped you evolve into. You’ve earned every wrinkle, bit of cellulite, and grey hair honestly and they make you the wise, amazing person you are.

So whatever you’re doing, working out, dieting, getting your teeth whitened, do it for you, to make yourself smile. To make running to the car when the sky opens up and you forgot your umbrella a breeze. No wheezing, about to pass out, and totally soaked. To get through an exercise class, all the way through. To feel good when you’re with your honey on date night. To be able to run and play with the kids. Basically, to fully enjoy your life on your own terms.

This journey is hard, there’s no denying that. But it is bearable when the goals you’re working toward are for the right reasons. Embrace the process and remember: when you get to your goal weight, finish a 5k, or whatever your goals are, that person is still you. You had that inside you the whole time. Congratulations on letting them out!


5 thoughts on “Beauty In The Eye of Your Beholder

  1. This is lovely, Lara.
    I’ve just started reading Dr. Phil’s book on weight loss. If you can get past his bluster, he has much the same message—be realistic.

  2. This such a beautiful post! Everyday our mind is manipulated with the media and we forget that what really counts is too be happy with who we are and comfortable with our own body. Healthy is what I am aiming for 🙂

    • Thrilled you liked the post, many more to come! And sounds like you are very grounded and kudos to you for going the healthy route. Take care and stay tuned!

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