It’s All a Matter of Perspective…

No, duh right?!

Seriously, isn’t it easy to lose that priceless thought process when life throws it’s slings and arrows our way/weigh? When the scale pulls it “evil overlord” prank, we have an argument with someone we care about, the dog gets sick and we’re hit with a big medical bill and we scour the furniture for change to help pay for it, etc.

The Buddha isn’t the first to say that life is suffering. It’s painful to be born, all the most important lessons in life are usually learned the hard way, and I can’t count the times I’ve swallowed lemon juice instead of lemonade. You, too right? But there is a way out of suffering and it’s not some amazing spiritual awakening or giant light bulb over our heads.

I’ve found that no matter how bad the depression is, how hopeless I feel about ____, how worried I am about money, the future, the cost of tea in China, as long as I remember my wife’s advice about perspective, I know I can get through anything. It’s a simple question: Did anyone die or lose a limb? If not, go ahead and cry and get upset, then sit down and breathe. Then either get out pen and paper or call a friend and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re able to get at least the basics of a game plan. This is absolutely not to minimize how tough things can get, just to help put it in perspective.

That includes a slower than planned weight loss, awhol motivation, and getting sick and tired of working out so hard and not seeing hoped for results.

And, as someone who’s been through the “yes” to the perspective question – it’s the hardest to get through, it takes for many a lot of time, and a lot of help and support, but each of us is stronger than we could possibly believe. The kernel of the superhuman capacity to overcome literally anything life throws our way is within all of us.

At this point you may be wondering the point of all this: easy, if you, like me, took the holiday weekend off from our particular weight loss / activity journeys, no one lost a limb. No beating up ourselves for that 2nd hotdog or excessive use of puff pastry! Once again, get back up and on the elliptical! I’m behind you 100%!


5 thoughts on “It’s All a Matter of Perspective…

  1. Great post! We all have our moments of despair, whining, or caving in….. It takes practice to keep things into perspective. When the really bad things “do” happen, we ask ourselves, “wow, I wish I just had the smaller problems like so and so.” Always remember….things could be worse!

  2. the Buddha said, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Which is all about perspective. Like you said, how we interpret the challenges of life, the pain, is all up to us. If we can shift our thinking, we can change our knee-jerk reactions. In my case, that’s turning to food for comfort and distraction.
    It’s not easy to slow down enough to see the faulty thought, and harder yet to disengage from it. It requires great effort and practice. But I believe it is the path to freedom.

  3. Great post… I particularly liked: The kernel of the superhuman capacity to overcome literally anything life throws our way is within all of us.
    You are absolutely right. ♥

    • This applies to every area of life but found it especially pertinent to dealing with illness, i.e. bipolar disorder. As I first fought against, then gave in to, and finally was able to start recovering from BP, that thought got me through some dark times. Now I treasure every bit of light and use it when the “black dog” visits again. I find your blog very inspiration during the tough times!

      • I am glad that you do find it inspiring during tough times. I suffer with that black dog too so I know what you mean. I fight it off… some days better than others.

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