Compliments…Take Them!!!

We all love compliments don’t we?

Especially any regarding our weight loss as they reinforce all our hard work.

Ok, the ones after a facial, new haircut, new shoes, those are pretty snazzy, too!

Have you noticed yet, depending on where you are in your journey, that people who haven’t seen you in awhile usually are the ones who are overflowing with “oh my gosh, you look terrific!”, “have you lost weight?”, “wow!!”?

But as good as those type of compliments make us feel, the “real” ones, the ones that make a lasting impression, are from people who see you all the time. That notice you’re still losing weight, that they see you in workout clothes more often than not (and the new clothes you’re buying that actually fit!), that you’re carrying a gym bag in after lunch, freshly showered, or carrying it out after work to go to the gym. You’re easier to live with/work with/be with, more relaxed, and seem to just glow. These are the ones that count. Maybe they’re your spouse, friend, coworker, heck, today it was the the lady who always helps me at my jeweler’s. She’s seen me many times over the last year as I’ve brought in items for cleaning, watches that needed new batteries, and today, to pick up a very good quality fork that was used for “the wrong purpose” and needed repair.

I was standing there in my work-out gear, stopping by on the way to what, go to a body pump class, and she casually mentioned how much weight I keep losing and how great I looked. That was the best compliment I’ve had in a long time! It even topped the one from the friend I hadn’t seen in 3 years who told my wife out of my earshot “my god, she’s gorgeous!”. OK, so that was pretty cool too.

So pay attention! Focus it on the people who compliment you when you least expect it, for no reason, and the smile reaches their eyes. Then file those moments away to remember during the hard times. When you’re looking down at the empty bottom of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. When you haven’t worked out in  a week and you’re beating yourself up. When “the demon scale” strikes again. Sometimes it takes more than motivation, it takes the little gems we get along the weigh to keep us going. Write them down and take them out when you need that boost. And maybe before you dig into that pint in the first place!


One thought on “Compliments…Take Them!!!

  1. This is so true. I often feel like there’s *so much* to lose that no one could possibly tell the difference, that 35 pounds is just a dollop in the lard bucket. But then someone notices. What a glorious feeling! It’s *real*

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