Finding Beauty In Movement

Beautiful isn’t it! It’s an ad from this month’s “Yoga Magazine”. Look at the expression on the woman on the right’s face…A Madonna’s smile. Amazing!

Achieving this kind of balancing act obviously takes years of training and practice. (Plus probably some circus / acrobatic training.) But after the “Tough Love” post, thought it might be helpful to see the other side of this whole “getting in shape” thing. Yes, it’s hard, mostly unpleasant, even with the whole endorphin thing, but it can also be incredibly beautiful. Take a close look at the placement of the hands, the strength in the feet, the elegance of the pose itself, perfect symmetry.

Maybe you are training for a 5k, a body building competition, or using strength training to help with weight loss. Maybe you don’t have any goals currently. That’s just fine! But when you look at images like this one or watch someone rockin’ out in Zumba, pulling moves that don’t look humanly possible, let it inspire you. Don’t think about where you are now, the bulges, flappy skin (if it applies, and yes, sadly it does!) but the muscles that are sculpting underneath, the strength and grace you’re working toward. These things come at a price – are you willing to pay it?

Hint: the answer’s “YES”!!!


2 thoughts on “Finding Beauty In Movement

  1. I bookmarked the Aspiring Zumba Instructor video and will be shakin’ my thang to that! I’m so excited! I think my Y offers Zumba classes in the fall and I’ll be signing up! Thanks, Lara, for the beauty and inspiration.

    • Fantastic!!! Shake that ‘thang and let us know about the Zumba classes and how that goes.,, and other sites have more similar videos as well as short cardio and strength training videos you can do anytime. Keep up the great work!!!

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