This is Just A Phase

Been inspired reading “Epidemic of An Illness” about the frightening rise of diagnosed mental illness in the last 50 years. For those of you with BP or any type of mood disorder / mental illness, the book is quite enlightening.

BUT – what I found incredibly inspiring was the story of one woman, who after being diagnosed and dealing with over 20 years of hospitals, med changes, nasty side effects, etc. is putting her life together. Although she has been on SSDI for quite a few years, her perspective is “being on welfare (disability) is just a phase in my life, not the end”.

Not only is this important for all of us on disability who desperately want our lives back and to get back to work and being productive, it also applies beautifully to all of us on this weight loss journey.

Maybe you’ve been heavy since childhood, maybe tried diet after diet with limited success. That doesn’t mean you have to accept obesity as a way of life. Why not consider it a “phase of your life, not the end”. Flip that perception and start changing 1 habit at a time.

I was concerned yesterday that my weight loss has slowed down so much. Thankfully my wife reminded me that this is not a race. We don’t get a medal for who loses the most weight the fastest. We do get the personal pride of accomplishing our goals, the flexibility to change them as our lives change, and the knowledge that we are strong enough to get to the finish line and maintain afterward.

Don’t worry: your family and friends will be at that line cheering whether you’re there first or last. Order doesn’t matter. Developing healthy habits you can maintain for a lifetime and feeling good when you see your reflection in a mirror are the true rewards that are truly priceless. 

Have a happy and healthy Weekend!!


2 thoughts on “This is Just A Phase

  1. So much good stuff here, Lara. “Epidemic of an Illness” is the book that helped me see how the psychotropic meds made me worse instead of better. It gave me the courage to approach my doc about going off them, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not the choice everyone should make, but it was for me.
    I’m seeing how my weight loss has had to come in phases. We can only make so many changes at one time, but the important thing is to start with one small change and keep making them. Some changes I’ve been attempting for years, and finally have the strength? skill? tools? to make them now.
    We’re changing our lives, not just our bodies. This is the last time we’ll have to do this.

    • What you’re doing and have done takes so much courage, I salute you! And it’s not how long it takes but the journey and committing to it. You’re a wonderful example of how we can take back control of our lives, illness or not!

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