Pain, Agony, Bring It On!

Did I mention I’m back in the saddle again?

Whoa boy! Can we say Body Pump class tonight?!?

After no real “exercise” since Thursday (I skipped Fri core class) celebrating a best friends birthday with some amazing ribs and a wonderful cupcake (1 only!) for dessert.

And the best part, thanks to moderation and activity (shopping for wonderful new fridge to be delivered Wed!), didn’t gain anything.

Was very careful with eating today, did some cardio before class, and the evil instructor was rushed and kicked our collective booties. Everything, every muscle is it’s own happy circle of hell.

So tomorrow is either easier hatha or kick my bootie once again at power yoga class. Will flip for it and let you know!

Pain, agony, bring it on!!!


4 thoughts on “Pain, Agony, Bring It On!

      • I have tried it! 🙂 I was so excited to learn that Beachbody is releasing an at-home version of Body Combat that I can pre-order for this Christmas…I know what I’ll be asking for. 😉
        I’m so in love with my Body Pump that I can do at home. I’m terrible at getting to the gym — so this was the perfect solution for me. 🙂

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