Getting On With My Life…The Next Step

Most of you know I’m currently on disability and heavily into “recovery” to be able to go back to school, get higher ed, and go back to work. It’s felt like life in limbo for the last few years but I needed that time to get my crap back together. Joy!

Last December I met with my psychiatrist to discuss recovery planning and we compromised with my first toe in the water as taking an easy (think basket-weaving) community or other college class. It’s taken a few months to get up the nerve to apply to a local community college (and have a bit of extra padding after our recent refi – I actually checked it out in February).


Scared, anxious, a bit freaked out, but I DID IT!!!

Now I just need to do the documentation part of the process and register for my first college level class since I first dropped out of an MBA program right after I got sick, and then a graphic design program when I couldn’t handle the pressure while still sick.

Now, officially in recovery from BP, I’m committing to a one-evening, on campus Music Appreciation class. Wish me luck in the rest of the process and getting my butt to the first class.

Aside from the whole taking control of my meds, weight loss, overall health and well being, spirituality, and ok, pretty much everything, this is a huge step in reclaiming my life completely and being able to go back to work as a productive citizen. It’s pretty amazing really.

And now to celebrate: Power Yoga Class here I come!!! Hugs and great evening everyone!


6 thoughts on “Getting On With My Life…The Next Step

  1. Wonderful! I love school. Sometimes I wish I had lots of money so I could just take all the different classes that interested me for the rest of my life. I would be a forever student. I love learning!

  2. This is momentous! I’ve tried several times to ease back into working or volunteering, but those cards aren’t in my deck. It’s been very hard to come to terms with that. But, I know lots of people with BP work and manage well. I sincerely hope you can be one of them.

    • I’ve been having the same trouble for the last few years but was able to do some volunteering a few months ago and so fingers crossed for the class. Thanks for all your support – you’ve been wonderful!

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