Yoga Class Faux Paus

For those of you new to yoga, there are 2 things you want to avoid at all costs. And of course I did them both last night.

1. Being Late To Class:

I don’t mean getting there just as the door is closing to the workout room or they’ve put the sign on the front door (which I of course did last night). It means getting there with only 2 or 3 minutes to spare so you don’t have time to pay for class, set up your matt, get your blocks/strap, etc., and settle yourself down. A good tip is to be at least 15 minutes early. (Will keep working on that!)

2. A Ringing Cell Phone:

Yes, this is the 2nd time this has happened to me!!! Both totally embarrassing as my ring tone is a perky Death Cab for Cutie song. So, so not cool! Make sure you check that your ringer is off, or better yet, leave the dang thing in the car. (My own personal future to-do.)

These 2 are pretty obvious, but for newbies, here’s a few other snaggles to avoid:

– Move Your Mat:

There is nothing worse than someone whose mat is 2 inches away from yours! Not only does it invade your personal space, but there are many poses in which you’ll need a little more space such as sun salutations. Also super annoying are folks that move their mat around during class without taking a look at folks around them to be sure everyone has room. I ran into that a few classes ago and kept having to move back and forth to the front and back of my mat during a sun salutation set. Seriously annoying!!

– A Stinky Matt:

Don’t you love those folks who think their mats automatically clean themselves? When these come out, I’m sure we’ll all be first in line! But whether it’s an easy beginner’s Hatha or a sweat your butt off Bikhram, take a minute after class to use the wipes and clean off your matt. Maybe you glow, but I sweat, and it ain’t pretty!

– The Stinky Person:

Whether it’s perfume or BO, these are No-go’s for what is typically an hour yoga class, many of which you and others are sweating in. Obviously a common courtesy thing and also a handy tip for the gym. You’re not going out to the club and a shower a day is well, a good thing!

– Leaving Class Early (or having to step out for a minute):

In larger classes, and sometimes small, some people just skip the relaxation end of class (savasana) and leave. And there may be other times you need to step out of class during class for whatever reason (nature calling). If so, please do it QUIETLY. It’s very disturbing during the relaxation as some folks, like me, are actually meditating and your noise as you pack up your stuff is very distracting. Tiptoe, be as quiet as you can, and for heck’s sake, close the door gently!

Good yoga ettiquette will take you a long way in getting along with your fellow yoga nuts and the teacher. It’s not rocket science but Miss Manners will smile upon you!



4 thoughts on “Yoga Class Faux Paus

  1. I used to love my yoga class when I lived elsewhere, but the one offered at the Y now is way too strenuous and difficult. I went once and lasted about 15 minutes. Sigh.

    • But could you maybe work up to it? I talked to my yoga teacher and actually in spin class too and they were great about letting me work up to it. Also, if you have netflix or a library nearby, there are tons of great videos available. I do some at home when not up to getting to a class. 🙂

  2. I have still avoided trying the class thing. I know I really should, but my house is void of the above 🙂 I can fall all over the place trying new poses without worrying about knocking someone out with a leg flail.

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