Today I’m Losing My Best Friend

Ok, maybe not my BEST friend…but it’s been there for me through thick and thin over the last year plus.

Yes, it’s my…


After going to see an amazing new trainer this morning who did a caliper test to give me the wonderful news that my BMI is what it was almost 25 pounds ago – i.e. the machine my last trainer used to check it is was WAY off.

And this is all thanks to the advice of my new trainer and her friend (another bodybuilding person). Oh, did I mention my trainer competes in those bodybuilding things and she is “supa’ buff”? Not as cute as my sweet honey of course, but really buff. She also handles the nutrition side of things and promised to kick my butt on a weekly basis. The words “you should leave here soaking wet (i.e. sweaty) at the end of every session” were said more than once.

The thing is though, 6 weeks without the scale. 6 weeks. 6 very, very long weeks.

Stay with me – I need all the help I can get to not lose my mind over the next month and a half – comments welcome (and needed!!)!!!


7 thoughts on “Today I’m Losing My Best Friend

  1. I’m confused. Was your scale at fault? Are you throwing it away or just sticking it in a closet for 6 weeks? And what’s the point of not weighing for 6 weeks–to focus on another goal (like that soaking wet thing)?
    This new trainer sounds scary. I don’t mind sweating, but leave your sneakers on the floor and off my butt!

    • The poor scale wasn’t at fault – it’s what my new trainer wants me to do as I’ve become so dependent on my daily weigh in. La has hidden it for the upcoming future. My new trainer is actually very nice but will push which is perfect. And the 6 weeks will help me focus on the work not the “number on the scale”. Already feeling the withdrawals!!

  2. Is that a photo of your scale? How adorable that you wrote messages to yourself on it! Brilliant actually! It will be a big change but I think this is one friend you can put aside for now…Keep it up and keep checking in so we can continue to see the progress….

    • Actually not my scale, but might as well be. Going to be hard to “go solo” but think it will be better in the long run to do the caliper tests and measurements instead. Will keep everyone updated!

  3. Good luck–you can do it! I am just starting to get back to fitness activities after gaining a lot of weight on antidepressants and antipsychotics. I will be watching your progress with interest!

    • You got it! That’s how I gained all my weight (plus lots of crappy life stuff). Changing diet, starting an exercise program, and a solid year of EMDR hell therapy took care of the first 80 pounds. Now it’s up to me to buckle down for the last 40 and then maintenance – while still on meds. Can do this thing and will blog on about it plus the usual (and more from trainer) tips and tricks. Basically, it is possible to lose the weight after and on meds. I did it, am doing it – and so can you!!

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