Day 1: No Scale

It was a hard but hot day on Day 1 without the scale. I was out of sorts and passed on going to the movies but was better by the afternoon.

Friends came over and that always perks me up. We even had an impromptu “Sunday Night Supper”, a simple one of spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. But those kind of dinners seem to always be the best kind. Lots of joking, great cameraderie, and good food.

By the evening I was perked up and ready to do more with a project, plan the week ahead, and get ready to do lots of exercise. Since it’s the July 4th week, have a mid week food fest but will be careful with diet the rest of the time. With no scale I won’t be able to report on weight loss, but will do measurements and guage how clothes are fitting.

Got a terrific email from another blogger with some wonderful guest posts. Will check them out and post if they turn out to be worthwhile! Stay tuned during the week to see the best of them!


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