Day 2 – No Scale

Scale Withdrawal!

Thanks to Sandy Sue recommendation, need to start using a food journal. Not a good day on the food side and skipped body pump class.

Tomorrow going to Power Yoga after seeing pdoc and going grocery shopping. Have a training session on Thursday and then start with new trainer next week.

Fingers crossed.  Sure that tomorrow will be easier day than today. Will eat healthier, work out, and get to sleep before 1 am.




5 thoughts on “Day 2 – No Scale

  1. Hang in there, girlfriend. I found out the hard way that changes like these can be extremely stressful, which can kickstart other old behaviors and even start us cycling. One change at a time is my motto at present (and thanks for the shout-out!).

    • Thanks for the reminder! Am feeling pretty stressed without the scale but another friend recommended a food journal too. Tried to do the taking pics thing but its not working with my phone for some reason. But will try again!

  2. I was just reading that taking pictures of what you eat (i.e. a pic food journal) helps even more. I have yet to try this though… Good luck!

    • That is brilliant!!! I could take pics and put them in a daily folder. Seeing what I’m eating every day will be a better way to track what I’m actually eating. Thanks so much!!

      • No problem! I’m glad this was great advice for someone! I’d love to hear how this works for you!

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