Food / Exercise Log Day 1

As a recommendation from a friend, and to hold my self accountable, am starting a daily food / exercise log. Cool, in pictures!

Food Log:

Breakfast (2 eggs fried in pam, 4 small pieces of baked bacon, coffee w/1tsp ff half/half & stevia):





Lunch (this is truly pathetic – I ate all 3):





Dinner (2 tilapia filets w/salsa, 1 cucumber w/peach balsalmic vinegar-awesome, 1 cup green tea):






Exercise Log:

Hatha Yoga – 1 hour

Grocery Shopping – 1 hour

Warning: Wed and Fri Food Log will be scary! But have trainer on Thurs and Body Pump class Fri pm. That will help!



3 thoughts on “Food / Exercise Log Day 1

    • That’s a girl! I kept getting feedback after feedback (plus trainer recs) on keeping a food log. The pic idea came from another blogger and it’ll be a major accountability thing because all my friends in the blogsphere will see, not just read, my ups and downs. The goal is to slowly get healthier and healthier posts. But there’s a vote out there now so send in your vote for “pics” or “no pics”!

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