On this 4th of July, a day to appreciate the freedoms so hard won in this country, it’s also important to think about the people in our lives who give us so much and be grateful for all the gifts we’ve been given. Freedom, friendship, family, whatever they may be. This is a very heartwarming story I thought would be appropriate in celebrating today. Thank you Counting Fences!

Counting Fence Posts

I once swore I would never kill another man but sometimes it is hard to find options. It is especially hard when you stop smoking the same day you start a new job. What was I thinking? Did I not learn anything from watching the movie “Airplane”?

The first hint I had that it was going to be a long day was when I went outside to sit and drink my morning coffee. Without a cigarette all that was left was to sit there and watch the drought-dead grass grow brown. Then I began to wonder what the stuff would taste like if I rolled it in paper and . . . no.

I was in my car excitedly headed to my new workplace, listening to my newest recorded book when just as “the elephant slowly turned its head towards me,” the battery in my mp3 player died. That was…

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