Day 2 – Food and Exercise Log

Well, so far a few of you have voted and you won’t be sorry you did – so more votes please!

And, after you see today’s insane food consumption – Holiday or No Holiday, am pretty sure will be getting more votes. See the end for a Major Lesson Learned!!!

Breakfast: 2 homemade blueberry/lemon turnovers, coffee w/ff half and half & stevia

Holiday Luncheon with the Gang: OMG!!

1st – Appetizer plate (spinach dip w/bread, chips w/golden onion dip, crab dip w/crackers)

2nd – Lunch, Part 1 (beer brat on bun, hamburger w/muenster cheese, coleslaw, beans)

3rd – Lunch, Part 2 (beer brat solo)

4th – Lunch Dessert (slice coconut custard pie, small piece brownie w/strawberries and small side of light ice cream)

5th – a few hours later, a light snack of chips and dip

6th – a few hours after that (small piece of brownie)

Ok, at this point you’re probably thinking OMG she’s the pig of the century!

BUT STOP – choosing to take pics of my all my food choices actually KEPT ME FROM EATING A 2ND AFTER LUNCH PLATE OF CHIPS AND DIP! Hey, this is working and after only 2 days. I ate only 1 plate of appetizers, didn’t graze, and didn’t go back for more dessert while at friend’s house.

THAT is a huge improvement over how I usually eat at special, or any occasion, get togethers. It is making me accountable for my food choices and actually prevented me from overeating to the same extent today. This pic log is working already!

Oh, and as promised Exercise Log:

Walking – to the car, then from car to friend’s front door, and from chair to food table a few times. Not a whole lot obviously.

Tomorrow: working on windows and hour training session in the afternoon at gym, Yay!

Stay Tuned Tommorow for better food choice pics and exercise updates!


7 thoughts on “Day 2 – Food and Exercise Log

  1. Doing a pic log is a FANTASTIC idea. My hubby is on dialysis and has to really watch what he eats and he doesn’t fathom what he’s doing sometimes. If he took a picture each time (and the same goes for me–I’d be better able to stick to MY diet if I did the same), he may be better able to see just what he’s putting in his mouth.

    Thanks for the super idea!!

    • It’s actually helping except it’s very easy to forget to take the pics. Had to be creative tonight and just show the ingredients. But actually SEEING the pics and looking back has kept me from eating some foods I might have if I didn’t know I’d have to post them for all to see. It’s been a great tool to stay on track. Might help your hubby (and you) as well!

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