Vote for the “Daily Food / Exercise Log Pictorial”!

I started this blog to chart my weight loss, keep myself motivated and remotivated, and celebrate successes.

Since then it’s evolved into a chance to share motivation with all of you, exercise and nutrition tips and tricks, and other interesting and amusing banter.

In an effort to keep to the spirit of this blog and not bore everyone to tears, I’d appreciate feedback from you on whether or not to keep posting the “What I ate today and how I “moved it, moved it” with pics. The “Daily Log” is an accountability tool for myself and if it doesn’t sound like a worthwhile view to you, let me me know.

But if you would find it inspiring, tell me, too!

There’s also a 3rd option – the “Daily Log” post and a regular (not daily but close enough) exercise/nutrition/motivation post – which would mean you’d get all the cool stuff and check out my log progress when you’re in the mood.

Now is your chance to vote on 1 of the 3 options! I know it’s a holiday so I’ll let this voting opportunity go through the weekend til next Monday.

Happy voting and excited to see your responses!!!


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