Day 3 – Food and Exercise Log

What a day! Carb loaded in the morning and slept most of the day away. Wife woke me up in the late afternoon and somehow convinced me to go out on an errand, then to Olive Garden for actually a fairly healthy dinner, a wee bit of froyo, and a sadly lackluster showing of “Brave”. It is NOT anything like the trailer. Luckily, we had a gift card, otherwise the (cough, cough) $21 it would have cost us to see it would have been frankly, wasted.

Today’s Food Log is half too many carbs, half healthy, a truly vast improvement over yesterday’s “food fest” and quite enlightening. Enjoy!

Breakfast: coffee w/heavy cream, only a little and 2 small brownies






Lunch: small slice of the double coconut custard pie





Dinner: in stages – (1) Olive Garden salad w/ light dressing










2 – Actual meal: Chianti Short Ribs w/ portabello rissoto and green beans





What I took home:





Dessert: very small amount of low fat frozen yogurt






Exercise: walking around, sneaker shopping, walking to the movies, walking to the car

Tomorrow, La has some fun and exciting plans for us, possibly involving a museum and a seriously healthy lunch at our favorite vegan restaurant. We’ll see, we’ll go, you’ll know, and all in color!


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