Reblogging seems like a shortcut – but not this time! When I was at my heaviest, I was in physical pain ALL the time. It didn’t matter if I was sitting, walking, or lying down. Walking was agony after even a few steps and my joints hurt constantly. Since I’ve lost the majority of the weight, my knees give me a bit of trouble once in awhile but mainly the pain is “post hard workout” soreness. I actually feel BETTER after moderate activity. Also, injuries from when I was so heavy took longer to heal than they do now. Yet another reason to consider weight loss from more of a health perspective than a vanity one! (i.e. I want to look better and be able to wear smaller sizes)


An article in the Times-Colonist of July 8, 2012 states that “obesity can cause not only mental agony, but also physical pain…” Hmm my interest was piqued! Do they mean generalized pain or more pain with specific causes? This article had personal interest for me because of the surgery and stuff I have been undergoing. Are my fat cells conspiring against me to make me hurt more that if I was a thinner person?

According to Obesity(OMG, a whole journal called, Obesity!), a study of more than one million people in the US (of course, we Canadians will now take the report with more than a grain of salt, some cheese and some gravy) found that overweight people reported 20% higher rates of pain than “normal” weight people. It seems the higher the weight, the greater the pain! Crap, I don’t need this.  It talks about us obese people…

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