Still recouping from my fun procedure but doing very well considering. Thought we’d venture off the beaten track and celebrate not exercise, not competition, but what has become a worldwide phenomena dedicated to the art of the bicycle. Wonderful post and love this blogger! Take a moment to see how 1 country has embraced probably the most famous bicycle race in the world. The “Farm” is especially fun! BTW: no pics today and resting til Sun, then back in saddle on Mon. Major report on Tuesday so stay tuned!

Travel Destination Bucket List

Tour de France fever has taken it up a notch as the mountains take their toll on the riders.  Watching the tour day after day, it is easy to daydream about riding those roads, through the mountains, past the fields of sunflowers and cruising through historical towns with majestic castles and fortresses of days gone by.


We traveled to France in the fall of 2010 for two weeks of cycling in Provence and the surrounding ranges. How could we resist but ride a section of the Tour route, starting in Stage 11’s ville de depart (start city) – Sisteron.  While we did not follow the Tour’s route to the letter, after all – the distances were further than what we had planned for the day – we did ride to Gap – a classic entrance/exit town for the French Alps.  Gap is along the tourist route of the Napoleon Road.

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