You May Have Noticed…

You May Have Noticed…

3 Days of missing food and exercise logs…yes, they weren’t shared, and that’s all for the best. After 2 days of anxiety before, a seriously not fun Mirena experience, and then 2 days afterward feeling like the bottom of a dirty fridge, I am pleased to report I am feeling better and pretty much back on my feet.

Good enough to vacuum, dust, pop in a sweet potato to bake, clean and dust the guest room and let the dog out yet another million times.

Good enough to do some serious sneaker shopping tomorrow, getting back to eating clean starting tonight, a short workout (possibly house and back patio cleaning) on Sunday. And the big news, the new trainer is set for Monday at 3. Have 3 blogs with tips/tricks planned for you over the next week, some great exercise examples as well. And you get to see all the wonderful healthy food as well.

It is such a relief to feel better and you’ll be reaping all the benefits!

Thanks for hanging on with me and all your support!



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