Yes, after almost a YEAR  of waiting, I finally broke down and


NO – I did not reach the 199 Weight Goal to buy them – BUT I did get down to .2 away from AND am starting with my new serious hardcore trainer on Monday which puts working out into overdrive and will be completely overhauling the way I eat – i.e. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!

So, do you want to see pics???

Sure you do!

Here’s my OLD PAIR first:


NOW – Check out the Awesome NEW SNEAKERS!: (and I got them on SALE!)

Pretty snazzy, huh! Maybe they don’t have the funky heels but that’s patent leather detail and they will take the beating they are seriously about to get.

It’s “New Sneaker Celebrate Sunday”!

Tomorrow, some cool tips and tricks and back to fun food photos!





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