Food Log / Activity Log 7-16-12

Happy Monday!

Whew! So much to tell you but will do it in pics and a nice overview!

Food Log:

Breakfast / Lunch: Total Calories: 474

Spinach, Mushroom and Egg White Scramble – 180 calories

Low fat Granola w/ raisins and 1/2 cup Milk – 294 calories

Snack: Total Calories – 325

Muscle Milk Ready to Drink – 220 calories

Banana, 1 Medium – 105 calories

Dinner: Total Calories – 568

Spinach, Mushroom and Egg White Scramble – 180 calories

Oatmeal, steel cut 1 cup w/ 1 tablespoon margarine – 370 calories


So, after 5 days of CRAZY eating, am more than back on track, as promised!


45 Minutes of getting my butt kicked! 15 minutes on the treadmill and a solid half hour of being challenged so much more than either of the 3 other trainers I’ve worked did. Started getting sore WHILE working out, got lightheaded, but didn’t throw up. So a great full body and cardio workout! And because my sleep schedule was way off, I went to bed super late and got up too late to have the necessary 2 meals beforehand, I anticipate next week to be even better, more challenging, and of course, more painful. Hopefully by eating clean all week, no exceptions, and getting back on track with my other workouts (3-4), I’ll lose the weight I’ve put back on and be back “on the losing train”!

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening and hope you had a terrific day!


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