Food & Activity Log – 7-17-12

Today is more of a listing, few pics, but lessons learned.

Breakfast -Total: 289 calories

Egg scramble w/ spinach and mushrooms – 214 calories

1/2 cup oatmeal – 75 calories

Coffee – 0 calories

Lunch -Total: 300 calories

Sultan Foods falafel & hummus – 40 calories

Svelte just your style spiced chai protein drink – 260 calories

Dinner -Total: 289 calories

Egg scramble w/ spinach and mushrooms – 214 calories

1/2 cup oatmeal – 75 calories

Snack 1 – celery with peanut butter: 419 calories

Snack 2 – protein shake: 400 calories

Total: 1697 calories out of 1707 target


Errands, errands, shopping, shopping! Lots of driving around, walking around, and dodging the all day rainstorm. Sore bit time all day from yesterday’s workout but that should subside after a few weeks of being back on the exercise track. Body Pump class tomorrow night!


Even tired and sore, by pacing and having a healthy, high protein with some carb lunch, was not only able to do all errands but actually took some “me time” and did some shopping / browsing in one of our very cute, trendy neighborhoods. Chatted with shop owners, got out and social, and had a pretty good time. It’s been YEARS since I did that type of thing on my own, just for fun. It was great! BP, anxiety, well, they were no shows and that’s a fantastic day! Going out again tomorrow to hit the post office, do some other errands and check out a new, high-end antiques/art mall that just opened for a bit more window shopping. All my fellow beepers, recovery is possible, even from the worst! It takes time and dedication but it can be done.

Special Note: the husband of a close acquaintance passed this Saturday unexpectedly. Sending her and family light and love.


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