Food & Activity Log 7-18-12

Sorry about the “minor break” in this morning’s post. Deleted that puppy. Sometimes it’s healthy to “let it all hang out”, sometimes not so much.

But on to more positive things!

Food Log:

Breakfast -Total: 250 calories

White Egg scramble with sofrito and spinach – 150 calories

1/2 cup oatmeal – 75 calories

Coffee – 5 calories

Half & Half, fat free – 20 calories

Green Tea – 0 calories

Snack  – Total: 260 calories

Muscle Milk Light, Chocolate – 160 calories

Power Bar Pure & Simply Energy – 100 calories

Lunch -Total: 360 calories

Campbell’s Chunky Split Pea & Ham – 360 calories

Green Tea – 0 calories


 Dinner -Total: 379 calories

Tilapia Fillets w/ chipotle ranch dressing – 206 calories

Sweet Potato, medium w/margarine – 173 calories

Dessert – Ranier Cherries (1/2 cup): 200 calories

Total: 1,449 calories out of 1,707 target – Doin’ Good!


Errands, errands, cleaning, cleaning! Bout of depression this morning but got out enough to go handle errands and grocery shopping – sorry about the morbid, self pity post. Got home and spent almost 2 hours cleaning. So some activity but not a solid class or hitting the gym – today. But tomorrow’s a definite – Bodyflow at 5:30 (a yoga fusion class).

So far, so good and thanks for all the terrific comments about the food log!


4 thoughts on “Food & Activity Log 7-18-12

    • It’s called “major accountability”!!! Taking pics of everything, even the “not so good stuff” and seeing the changes over time has been very eye-opening. Learning to take photos that are more true to life (what the food actually looks like) has been the challenge so far. It’s a learning curve!

  1. That was a good post on eating triggers. I respect your decision to remove from your blog. (I read it in my email before I caught the note in your blog.) But since I did read it, I wanted to tell you that I think it was an important post–helpful, honest and pivotal.

    • Thank you – I was worried that it was TOO honest and might offend/upset/trigger some readers, which is why I removed it. But to know that even one person found it significant is very moving and affirming. I appreciate your comment and the sentiment behind it. Won’t be as scardy-cat next time.

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