Food & Activity Log – 7-19-12

Another super good day!! Having to have over a cup of pina colada frozen yogurt to get in more calories. Might do a later protein shake with just water for some additional protein. A bit tired. Thinking need to eat more but no diet suggestions from my trainer yet! Going to hit her hard on Monday for diet and exercise plan. But back on track big time with diet.

Tip: successful weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise – this week it’s been food and light exercise. Weight seems to be coming off again! But I don’t know because I still have 4 weeks before I can weigh myself!!!! Now, here’s the good stuff:


Breakfast: Total Calories – 334 calories

Coffee w/ fat free half & half – 25 calories

Oatmeal – 150 calories

Strawberry Protein Shake – 159 calories

Snack: Total Calories – 120 calories

Protein Shake – 120 calories

Lunch: Total Calories – 164 calories

Chicken Breast (4 slices) – 66 calories

Oatmeal – 75 calories

Margarine – 23 calories

Dinner: Total Calories – 260 calories

Large Salad w/ ½ chicken breast – 160 calories

Homemade salad dressing – 100 calories

Dessert: Total Calories – 420 calories

Ranier Cherries, 1 cup – 90

Publix Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt – 330

TOTAL CALORIES FOR DAY: 1,408 of 1,700


Lots of walking again! Wandered around a new antique mall, did some other power shopping, and dealt with putting things away. Missed class tonight due to a broken door knob but will do a short workout tonight. Back to class tomorrow – Really!

–  Hope this photo log is helpful and informative. And cool to check out! Will start using a camera to give you better quality pics. Thanks for hanging in with me!


2 thoughts on “Food & Activity Log – 7-19-12

  1. Imagine! Having to add a snack to “get more calories in”! It boggles my mind.
    That percentage of 80/20 sounds right to me. A doc told me once that exercise will “help” but the real work is in controlling intake. It really helped my outlook to switch from exercising to lose weight to exercising to help my brain. The more I exercise, the smoother my moods are, and *that’s* something I can really get behind.
    It’s exciting to see you so excited. This change-up has been good to you.

    • Have slacked off this week on the exercise because so sore from mon workout. But you’re right, have to get the exercise in for the mood side. It truly helps! The change up has been good so far. Still lots of tweaking to do!

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