20 Habits Skinny People Live By

Here’s a wonderful list from the great guys behind “Eat This, Not that”.

Enjoy and get some helpful information as well!

#1: Eat an early dinner (don’t sleep on extra calories)

#2: Weigh yourself daily (yes, studies show you lost more weight over time that way)

#3: Eat a boring diet (predictable = controllable!)

#4: Reward yourself (occasionally!!)

#5: Read diet and exercise tips (blogs, websites, books, your trainer, etc.)

#6: Eat breakfast (every day)

#7: Take snack breaks (healthy snacks!)

#8: Drink water (1 oz for every 10 pounds body weight)

#9: Order a la carte (cheaper & eat less)

#10: Choose whole grains

#11: Eat spicy food (chili powder, cayenne boosts metabolism)

#12: Sleep for 6 to 8 hours each night (helps maintain healthy body weight, decrease appetite, help willpower, and decrease cravings for high calorie foods)

#13: Manage stress (deep breathing, meditation, yoga, exercise, video games)

#14: Take the stairs (self explanatory!)

#15: Chew thoroughly (stop to eat and take your time)

#16: Walk after meals (lowers blood sugar and helps prevent your body storing fat)

#17: Keep healthy food on hand (take healthy snacks to work & in fridge)

#18: Learn to take a joke (laugh, it burns calories!)

#19: Eat protein (with a face or without)

#20: Avoid dinner distractions (take time to enjoy your meal)


Hope these tips have provided some new ideas and reminders of what you may already know! Enjoy your Sunday!


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