Tuesday Night Inspiration – And “Food For Thought”

Happy Tuesday!

After hardcore workout yesterday, a bit tired all day but found some terrific items to share with all of you.

First off, an incredibly inspiring story about a 19 year old rockclimber “Making Her Way to the Top”.

Rock Climber Sasha DiGiulian, 19, is making her way to the top”


And just when you thought the weight loss related articles, items had fled after the last few days of posts, here’s one that truly is “Food For Thought”:

“Western Diet: A Killer in Okinawa –¬† a YouTube News Story

This second story is, I think, yet another glaring example of how the “fast food, bad habits” western way of life is spreading and impacting otherwise historically healthy and long-lived populations. Cheap corn and government subsidies aren’t the answer. Access to healthy, non-gmo foods for EVERYONE is. What can we do, each of us, as part of the answer, not the problem? (That’s a big question I know – let’s all run over to TED and look for presentations!)

Enjoy, learn, laugh, and think a little! Have a great night!




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