Pain, Agony, Hungry, And It’s All Going To Be Worth It!

(Thanks to Erin Says… for the terrific graphic – and grats Lady on the weight loss this week!)

Days of Pain and Ibuprofen

The new trainer gave me – finally – my new “eating plan” and not only is it incredibly strict, I feel like I’m either eating or preparing meals all the time. Which is true because I eat every 3 hours.

She also killed me in the workout side to the point that I had to lay down with my feet elevated. And stopped short of an hour and she had me ride the bike for 20 minutes. Felt like a workout wimp.

So I decided to do another monthly challenge and this one is a “take an hour for you to improve in some area” and of course mine is fitness. In that vein, started the C25K program this afternoon. Then did 20 minutes of strength training and limped to my car. Was Ms. Cranky at home until the worst of the soreness passed. Funny, even my toes hurt. And during the running portions, felt every one of the extra 40 pounds I’m lugging around as they bounced around!

Am contemplating an even bigger challenge but considering that although I finished the first C25K session, Week 1, and went on to work out more, I’m exhausted and will probably go to bed in an hour or so.

Yes, even after a well balanced meal, still hungry, in pain and on to the ibuprofen, but happy to have finished the first workout. Next, will check back in after finishing the first week. That and sticking to the meal plan…am seriously craving a cupcake – evil, bad cupcake!!

This post is a kind gentle warning for those of you considering starting the C25K program – definitely eat an hour before, make sure you do protein plus a carb, and stretch before and after. Good idea to do it on non-strength training days – major tip!

Still considering the “major challenge”!

Love to hear your stories of recent challenges you’ve decided to take on – virtual support can be just as good as the real life stuff.



7 thoughts on “Pain, Agony, Hungry, And It’s All Going To Be Worth It!

  1. I am still struggling with an injury due to overdoing it a bit in the gym; have a few more months of thereapy to go and it is challenging. I am amazed though how the body protects and heals itself though. The hard part has been watching what I eat so I continue to lose weight and doing that without really doing more than walking for exercise. Hang in there!

  2. Lara, I’d really caution against the major challenge. Seems like you’ve got a HUGE challenge already with the new workout schedule and new eating plan. For me, too many changes at once can lead to collapse. Slow and easy is my motto.
    I’ve just finished Week 1 of converting to a vegetarian diet. My bowels are still adjusting! But, the practice is easier than I ever imagined. And it put my weight loss pedal to the metal again. HooHoo!

    • I’m thinking it over very, very carefully. Talked to friends, professionals, my doctor and they all gave a major green light. The workout schedule isn’t too different from what I’ve been doing. The food definitely is. Don’t want to spoiler but if I do decide to go forward, I’ll have workout and nutrition coaches. Going to give C25k 2 weeks before I make a final decision. Thanks so much. And huge props for Week 1 as a “veggie”. And yes, it is easier and the weight loss is a great side effect!

  3. Thank you! I used the a similar program like C25k when I started running again. The first two weeks are the hardest after that you will definitely start to feel differently!

  4. I am still managing to fast at the end of day 8. I CAN relate to hungry. :). I feel good but my body is aware of the lack of chewing. It started one morning with a juice and at every meal time, “I can go one more meal.” hang in there! Just one more!

    • You are AMAZING!!! 8 days of fasting is huge – seriously be proud! And you’re right…just one more. You can do this!

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