Quick Saturday AM Motivation

Think about it! This is why weight / strength training is so important. Cardio’s key for endurance and also weight loss. But sustained weight loss needs muscle. The more muscle, the more calories you burn even sittling on your butt watching “Brave Heart”!

Today’s a great day hit the gym and get up the courage to try those free weights. Machines are great, but free weights, mountain climbers, pushups, crunches, lunges, all those use your whole body during the exercise. Don’t forget to watch your form, keep a strong tummy, and HYDRATE. The goal is 2 rounds of a set of your chosen exercises.Try 10-20 reps at a slightly challenging weight and take your time.

Today is a new day to challenge your mind and body. You’ll feel better, stronger, and more confident to meet what life throw’s at you!


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