Excited to share with everyone that I officially signed up for my first college class

in almost 12 years!

Why is this a big deal??? Because from 2000 until 2010 I was extremely low functioning, barely able to handle work much less school. Quit halfway through an MBA. Tried a graphic design program through a local community college and that lasted only 2 semesters and I wasn’t working at the time. In 2007, tried to get my Project Management Certification and only got through 2 sections of the 5 prep classes. Did not take the test.

Have been wanting to go back to school to do graduate work for over a year now but when discussing with my p-doc, he wanted me to start by “putting a toe in”, trying an easy class to see if I could handle the experience of going to weekly classes, doing the homework, the tests, etc. Even getting to class the first time will be a challenge. But it’ll be work it as I slowly put the pieces in place to be able to go back to work, doing something I’m excited about.

I know this isn’t weight related, but it’s just as high up on my recovery bucket list! Getting my self confidence back, feeling capable again, all those will help me in every area of my life, including sticking to my rigorous eating program, staying with C25K, continuing to work out hard/smart, and do 2 5k’s before Jan 1. Lots on my plate, like everyone else, but hope this has inspired someone reading to give something new or challenging a try. It’s an amazing feeling!

Happy Monday all!


8 thoughts on “I DID IT!!!

  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome. Last fall I audited a class to get my feet wet. I did have a goal of going back to school, and now, in large part because of that one class, I got into a grad program and am going back to school.

    So start with one toe! You can stick more and more of your feet in as you are ready.

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