For Those Just Starting Out – Or Starting Again

This is probably one of the best weight loss “getting started” guides I’ve seen to date! It’s real, it’s practical, and in a few short steps it gives an excellent strategy to set yourself up for success. Bottom line, this isn’t a race! Making the smart moves at the beginning will help you lose the weight, get healthy, start fitting in activity as part of your regular life, and slowly it’ll become “just how I do things”. That’s why real long term weight loss is considered a “lifestyle”…we’re in it for the long haul, not the short race!

Journey To Awesomehood

Stop me if this does not sound familiar to you whatsoever. It’s Sunday night and you are feeling stuffed beyond belief on your sofa/couch/bed/whatever. You do not feel like moving. The only thing you managed to do was put on sweatpants because your jeans just do not fit quite like they used to (meaning they almost keep you from breathing). You vow that starting tomorrow you are going to go on that diet you always promised yourself. The next time you have a family gathering/holiday/vacation of some sort, you are going to look drop dead gorgeous. Since you are starting this diet first thing tomorrow, you probably should nibble on some cookies before bed. Because you will never be having cookies ever again. You don’t have cookies on diets. That’s bad. So you eat a bag of cookies (so you eliminate the temptation tomorrow obviously) and then go to bed…

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