Weekend Foodie Plans?

It’s the weekend – or better know as “2 day free for all”!

What strategies are you going to use this weekend to help you stay on plan with your diet and activity goals?

Since it’s Saturday morning, it’s a perfect time to write down your strategy to stay on track (or at least moderation) so a Monday weigh in isn’t a horror show.

This weekend we have a best friend’s dinner and birthday gathering today. Thankfully tomorrow is back to plan. But here’s my personal plan to stay under some control.


– First 3 mini meals on plan.

Dinner is 6pm at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and here’s what I’m doing for that: small meal (probably a protein shake) before leaving, no soup (too much sodium!), salad with dressing on the side, scallops (good alternative to fatty shrimp), lots of the veggies and will ask for them steamed, lots of water and hot green tea.

– After dinner it’s back to our place for dessert and celebration. Thankfully dessert is a sugar free apple pie (my friend is diabetic) with low fat frozen yogurt. We’re only buying 1 pie to feed 6 people. Can we say portion control! Again, more green tea / coffee and tons of water.

– Sunday, right back on plan!


– Today, lots of walking (shopping for trip), then cleaning in the afternoon

– Sunday: 10:45 Body Pump class, then if any energy left, a C25K session in the afternoon

– Monday: hardcore training session at 3pm

Still working on a plan for our vacation in a few weeks but think I’ve got some good ideas. Will also be researching to be prepared!

Would love to hear your strategies for eating out, celebrations, and vacations!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Foodie Plans?

  1. I’m in a dither. I’m sick with a bad chest cold, fever, hacking vileness. I can’t do more than shuffle from bathroom to bed to TV chair, so activity is out. And since I’m sleeping an hour then up for two or three, my “meals” are all goofed up. I think I have to plan for a Monday morning horror show.

    • There’s no dither about it! You’re sick – all bets are off. Take care of yourself, usual plenty of fluids and chicken soup really does work, when you’re up to it adding some bread on the side (for the carbs – whole wheat with a little margarine or fruit butter topping). And please, please don’t weigh in Monday!!! You’ll just feel even crappier but what you’re seeing isn’t accurate as your body is all out of whack right now. Giving it a few days until you’re feeling better, have meals back to your usual, and are able to do a little activity is probably a good idea. But a solid week to really recoup and start getting in a little activity is an idea. The last thing you want is to feel a little better, jump back in, and get sick all over again. Rest, eat soup, feel better!!! 🙂

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