I Survived!!!

Read It, Memorize It, Live It!

So in case you’re wondering how the “food insane weekend” went, it went much better than expected. Not only were the owners / servers at BOTH restaurants accommodating and my friends were supportive and understanding. Sure you want the dirty details!

Thursday, at the eastern european restaurant, I had a very tiny mouthful of bread with spread, the salad doubled (without the potatoes), and for the main course went with the sausage platter. Enjoyed the sauerkraut and ate only 1 of the potato wedges. Had a few bites of the strawberry crepe but it was so sweet that I couldn’t eat much. (Ok, La took it away!)

Did I mention I worked out Thursday as well – did a C25K 30 minute session and some machine work – tres cool!

On Friday in preparation of the Kobe food fest and Birthday Celebration I did C25K in the morning and pushed it in Body Pump in the afternoon. And was super good in the food department all day. Got to the restaurant for our 6pm reservation, seated at almost 7, and asked to be the last to order. It took the waiter 3 tries to get it right. I skipped the soup, had the salad dressing on the side, ordered scallops with very little oil, no noodles, no rice, and a double serving of vegetables. OK, I had a bit of white sauce with the scallops and veggies but my stomach was an absolute mess afterward so that was all bye bye!

We got back to our house for Birthday pie and low fat frozen yogurt. We divided the pie into 8 slices and left two. Pretty amazing control and not only did both restaurants go out of there way to be accommodating, my friends turned out to be super supportive and even made suggestions for future meals together. All in all, my trainer’s advice to “do it my way and not worry what anyone else thinks” worked out swimmingly!

The best news of all: today’s weigh in was another 1.5 pounds down so am slowly making my way back to before the splurge session. Will be working out every day this week – boot camp tomorrow  – in preparation for our upcoming vacation next week. We leave Saturday and my lovely Uncle and Aunt are putting us up and taking us out to dinner every night! Good news – it’s DC so we’ll be doing tons of walking and I plan on protein shakes for breakfast to cut down on calories.

Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid to “do your own thing”, even bring your own food when going out to restaurants. Maybe you’ll get some weird looks, especially if you’re thin already, BUT WHO CARES!!!

The song says “It’s your thing, do what you want to do!” Your waistline will thank you!


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