Good Morning! Very Happy to Be Back!

Needless to say, vacation was wonderful. We were a flurry, rushing around DC and seeing it all (except Georgetown neighborhood sadly). And we ate and we ate and we ate.

Have spent this week getting back on plan and fitting in 3 workouts. Off in just a minute to go swim laps at the Y.

Only bad news when got home is that the closest gym – LA Fitness now – has discontinued the Silver Sneakers program I get as part of my health insurance. Instead have 3 other gyms I’ll be rotating through, one with an Olympic sized heated pool. But instead of 10 minutes away they are all 30-45. Ok, not a really big deal, but the closeness of the other was very helpful. And school is taking more study time than anticipated so the additional travel time is cutting into studying.

The weight upshot – after eating tons of junk, out to dinner every night, and very unhealthy snacks, after a week of hard work, am only up about 2 pounds from before the trip. We did walk everywhere, lots of steps, and sweated like pigs in the unusually hot and humid weather.

Missed everyone and very happy to be home. So let’s start our weekend with another great piece by SparkPeople – “What 300 Calories Looks Like” and 400 and 500. Terrific exchanges for high cal/fat meals. Enjoy!!

What 300 Pounds Looks Like


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