Back On Track!

Yes, we loved DC, the family, the sites, the Food!!!

Warning: Vacations Can (and for some of us will) Throw Off Our Diet and Workout Habits Completely!!!

What To Do: Come home and get back on track RIGHT AWAY!!! It may take a day or so to transition back, to go back to the gym, to start eating on plan again but that’s ok – a few days won’t make too much of a difference. Change 1 meal, then 2, then 3, then your healthy snacks and you’re back to your healthy lifestyle!

A few pics to chart my progress over the last few months – the first is from February 2012, the 2nd pic is my training pic from today’s session:

The difference – 20 pounds, a lot of inches around my legs, waist, and face! And willing to pose straight on versus at an angle. Will post training pics every 4 months to see the ongoing transformation. The biggest change: able to wear a LARGE fitness top and LARGE yoga/workout pants – and workout with the “amazing trainer from hell” for about a full HOUR versus barely making it 30 minutes. All that in 2 months with her! Building muscle, endurance, and lifting heavier weights every time. When you find “the trainer”, be grateful! They’ll push you further than you think you can go – and then you do!

Lesson for Today: You are capable of more than you can conceive – you have no limits!



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