Ok, So the Scale is Evil But a Pic Tells It All

Ok, so the scale still isn’t moving but a pictures tells a thousand words!

This was taken tonight after a dinner celebrating a dear friend’s birthday:

Compare to 2 months ago:

Face keeps getting skinnier and the rest is redistributing. Lesson: look at overall pics, especially your face! Keep taking pics every few months to see the changes. You’re worth it!


8 thoughts on “Ok, So the Scale is Evil But a Pic Tells It All

  1. This is a great idea, Lara. I’m really struggling right now. Too many bouts of cold/flu piled on top of each other, too much disruption of my exercise routine, too much whining and wanting “comfort food.” It’s hard not to just throw in the towel and say “F*ck it!”
    But, I’m trying to *still* make better choices in my comfort food—more fruit, less chips & dip. Eventually, this sick-season will pass and I can get back to work.

    • You should give yourself major Kudos! It’s almost impossible (and probably rather unwise) to exercise while sick. The last thing you want is to prolong things or make them worse. Nothing wrong with bedrest. And when we feel icky (like I did myself all last week – another story!), comfort food is an ingrained go-to! So proud of you that you are facing all this and still trying to eat healthy. Have you gone to see your doc yet? Might be a good idea considering you’ve been sick for awhile. Sending you a virtual bowl of chicken soup! Keep up posted!

    • Yes, thanks!!! It does – especially after a crappy week of little exercise, poor food choices, and gaining about 3 pounds. But it most be redistributing because the rest of the pic also looks great. Super props to you for your journey as well! Take care of that knee and looking forward to reading more about your story!

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