How To Start The Next “Do Over”

So, am starting over, again. It’s funny how each new do-over has it differences but it’s similarities as well. Here’s one way to get started…and start to heal.

Day 1: shock, depression, can’t stop crying, eat every sugary, fat item in or out of sight

Day 2: get off butt, do basic, easy projects (you know the ones that have needed to be done but there just wasn’t time), try to remember to eat, brush teeth, feed dog, all the things that used to be on the “mindless to-do”, leave house to get mail, start step one of major, potentially long term project, plan rest of week

Day 3: start major, potentially long term (weeks, months even) project, for example, painting all the baseboards, door casings, chair rails, and doors – in the whole house (except the master and guest bedrooms – they’ve just been done)! It’s been a number of years since a touch up and the high gloss paint will help with resale and just snazz up the place. So in the last two days I did the accent under the chair rail in the dining room (it’s beautiful by the way!), and today did the dreaded “foyer” and the library casing/window lintel/baseboards. Worked for a solid 6 hours, it all looks amazing, and, except for the french doors, is the hardest part of the whole project. Can’t believe how a fresh, bright coat of paint on baseboards and casings makes such a huge difference! Very excited about the dining room – once it’s done and has new, modern power switches and outlets will post pics. Even got out and forced myself to do a few short but important errands. Remembered to eat and take meds. Still haven’t showered, ok, still painting tomorrow.

* Day 4: planned through the weekend, doing a lot of painting, will do under chair rail, got a cheap Groupon for a massage in the afternoon, and will rest a bit, careful with eating plan

Day 5: back on the exercise wheel with a session with trainer (as if painting like a crazed woman isn’t enough)

* Day 6: painting = finishing the dining room – chair rail, baseboards, door and it’s casing, only switches/outlets (new modern ones) to go, and then 1st day of “Insanity” program

* Day 7 and beyond: it’s important to have a plan, preferably a couple; so continue painting, leaving some items for a friend who’s coming to finish the harder parts, as well as do the “Insanity” program/sticking to clean eating — all over the next two months (or til end of year!)

– And then start next year off with a new “Vision Board”, new goals, and a renewed commitment to re-achieving and maintaining stability – eating clean (no sugar/fat/flour), 5 days of exercise a week, training for a half marathon, meditation, and treating myself like my best friend (a chore but doable).

This is my “do over”. It may seem a bit limited but after this pretty big set back, need to have achievable goals to rebuild that ole self esteem. If you’re doing a “do over”, I wish you the best and offer just one piece of advice “keep it simple, keep it achievable”!






One thought on “How To Start The Next “Do Over”

  1. Making a Plan is always my first step back, too. There’s something so comforting and *normalizing* about being able to breathe into that place of pulling it together. Everything falls apart or breaks down, but when you can stand in the middle of the rubble and pick out the pieces that worked, it feels positive and life-affirming.

    What is your Insanity Program?

    I’m starting to do this, too. After being sick for 4 months, after being broke longer than that, after coming out of rapid cycling, I think I’m ready.

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