This post gave me a lot to think about. Mainly to remember that weight loss, like every endeavor is HARD. It’s hard for everyone but in different ways. And it works (or doesn’t) for all of us in different ways. There is no 1 miracle diet, no 1 perfect exercise regime, and most importantly, no 1 timeline for accomplishing this or any of goals that are meaningful to us. We WILL have setbacks, there is a learning curve, and some serious soul searching will probably be required. While it’s helpful to read different blogs, check out websites, even listen to podcasts (and “friend-casts”), the hard truth is we do have to figure this out for ourselves – what works for us. And to give ourselves a break – or a kick in the pants – as needed. The pithy “this is a marathon, not a sprint” sounds great, but sometimes it’s 1 step forward 15 steps back, and that’s ok. It really, really is.

Running from Death

Today, in my news reader, I came across yet-another-blogger who is fits into the “advice” or “coach” genre.  I added the person, even though I know it’s unlikely the person will last long.  Each week, I delete one or two of them from my feed and always for the same reason: they present complex problems and answer with ridiculously simple advice.

It’s the same with health and/or fitness magazines, too.

Complex problems

It took me a long time to understand that real problems are rarely simple.  Everything substantial connects to everything else.

For example, take the simple yet real problem of cooking more meals at home: When I stop eating take-out, I have to make sure I have set aside time for shopping…and time for cooking…oh, and making sure I have the right pans and knives and such…and also that I know what I want to cook (or even how to cook)…and then…

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