2012 Yearly Wrap Up

2013 3Hello and Happy New Year!!!

After taking a short break to my “get crap back together” after the school thing, am very happy to be back and will be blogging again regularly. Missed everyone but have been busy learning new fitness, nutrition, and motivation tips and tricks to help us all!

But first a quick wrap of “2012 Goals Achieved“!

INCHES LOST: I lost 4 inches off my bust, went from 22 to size 16/18 in pants and from 1X to Xlarge and some Large/Medium as well. Sold or Donated 80% (or more) of my clothes and shoes and, except for one shopping trip, have gotten everything but sneakers from Goodwill.

FAT LOST: I lost 15 pounds this year and have kept it off. Went through a cycle of gaining and losing, then plateaued for about 5 months but kept going.

STRENGTH: I am doing much better. Can do 3 rounds of full range of exercises with trainer. Bench press 40 pounds and squatting 60 pounds. Much better endurance and able to run 2 miles easily.

MOTIVATION: I began working in July with an amazing trainer and hit the gym at least 3 times a week now, if not more. That includes fitness classes, strength training, C25K training, and yoga. Also tried P90X with a group.

RUNS ACCOMPLISHED: I completed 3 separate 5K’s this year, up from 1 last year. Also decreased time on the last one – Thanksgiving Day – by 15 minutes!

DIET: This year I struggled with sweets and junk food, especially pastry, but was able to get friends on board with my “healthy eating program”. Also did a great job with food choices during the holiday’s compared to last year, and did a 1 day water cleanse yesterday – even with going to a friend’s gathering a being surrounded with AMAZING FOOD.

BREAKFAST: Eat breakfast every day, use stevia not sugar, cook with cooking spray.

WATER: Drink it like it’s out of style (at least a gallon a day). That, coffee, and protein shakes are all I drink now.

ENDING THE BLAME / GUILT CYCLE: I am finished blaming my weight gain on my condition (1 med a bit of an issue but have overcome it), my mom for passing the condition down, and beating myself up when I slip off the wagon, hit a wall, or fail at something. Now I can accept life as it comes, deal with it, and move on to make healthier, smarter decisions next time. This is a HUGE step for me!

TAKING CARE OF MYSELF FIRST: After the whole “class thing” and backsliding, I have been extra vigilant about self care, meds, preparing healthy meals, eating on time, and getting to the gym. The healthier I am in all areas of my life, the better wife, friend, and overall person I will be. Can’t help others with half a tank!


SOCIAL: Went from anxiety/depression central and trapped at home 2 years ago to planning and hosting 3 parties/gatherings this year: a “Harry Potter Movie Marathon and Authentic Menu” Party, “Cocktails/Mocktails” Party, and a “French Country Christmas”. Also captained the 2012 NamiWalk, great success! Am almost anxiety free now and ready to kick another med to the curb! And will be reconnecting and visiting with friends monthly.

EDUCATION: Signed up for and completed 90% of a college class.

FINANCIAL: Also studying and creating a financial plan for my family for next year to knock out our debts. Paid off car and refinanced house this year. Exciting plans for 2013.

Have another set already of goals for 2013, some carried over from 2012, but many new.

Pleased to report that achieved almost everything on our “2012 Vision Board“. So for those of you who don’t know what a vision board is or just haven’t used one – I HIGHLY recommend it! Seeing your goals in color every day and the “check marks” stuck to the one’s you’ve achieved is an incredible motivator. Gives such an amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment. Have a blog entry from January 2012 explaining how to make your own vision board but even if you just create a “2013 Goals List” and display it where you’ll see it every day, then check things off as you do them, you’ll still get those “warm fuzzy feelings”.

So, welcome back everyone! 2013 is a year of challenging myself like never before, beating the sugar monster, and getting in the best health I’ve been in since my late 20’s. And I challenge you to go after your goals and “knock them out of the park” as well! Would love to hear some of your plans and goals for the New Year and your accomplishments in 2012. This is going to be exciting and thrilled you’re along for the Ride!


Day 3 – Food and Exercise Log

What a day! Carb loaded in the morning and slept most of the day away. Wife woke me up in the late afternoon and somehow convinced me to go out on an errand, then to Olive Garden for actually a fairly healthy dinner, a wee bit of froyo, and a sadly lackluster showing of “Brave”. It is NOT anything like the trailer. Luckily, we had a gift card, otherwise the (cough, cough) $21 it would have cost us to see it would have been frankly, wasted.

Today’s Food Log is half too many carbs, half healthy, a truly vast improvement over yesterday’s “food fest” and quite enlightening. Enjoy!

Breakfast: coffee w/heavy cream, only a little and 2 small brownies






Lunch: small slice of the double coconut custard pie





Dinner: in stages – (1) Olive Garden salad w/ light dressing










2 – Actual meal: Chianti Short Ribs w/ portabello rissoto and green beans





What I took home:





Dessert: very small amount of low fat frozen yogurt






Exercise: walking around, sneaker shopping, walking to the movies, walking to the car

Tomorrow, La has some fun and exciting plans for us, possibly involving a museum and a seriously healthy lunch at our favorite vegan restaurant. We’ll see, we’ll go, you’ll know, and all in color!

Exercise Ideas

Yes, exercise can get boring. Really, really boring. And since I’m all about “mixing it up” and “keeping it fresh”, here are a few ideas to add some fun “freshness” back into your routine:

  • Invest in an inexpensive exercise ball like the ones at the gym. You can find a Gold’s Gym brand equivalent for about $20 at Walmart. Just check to be sure the size is right for you.
  • While out thrifting, look for a cheap pair of 1 or 2 pound hand weights.
  • Again thrifting or at discount stores like Ross and TjMaxx, see if they have cheap yoga (or exercise) mats. You can also find these type of items at garage sales.

Keep a box in another room for your “at home supplies”. And when you’re feeling like you need or want to get some activity in, you have an inexpensive home gym at your fingertips. I like to keep the ball in the living room and sit on it instead of the couch. Not only is your core engaged the whole time, but I usually roll around, do crunches during commercials, and even use it for other exercises which I’ll provide the links to today.

This is a great way to get in a mini session with very little effort. Plus it’s fresh!

Links to Videos and Exercises You Can Do At Home:

For the Really Motivated Folks, this is an Weeklong Bootcamp you can do at home with little or no equipment (scroll down to see the workouts listed for each day):


A great 8 minute upper body workout:


Great for Booty and Hamstrings:


Target those Abs and Lower Body, Genie Style (use your mat for added comfort/knee support):


Work out Those Pesky Inner Thighs:


Finally, work out everything at once using your new dumbbells:


You want more ideas? SparkPeople has a whole area devoted to terrific Exercise Demonstrations you can take a look at:


Would love to hear from you all with exercises you do at home and/or sites that you like with even more ideas. Promise to share with all!

So have a great day and get moving!


Now Is the Time of Our…Thrifting!

Now is the time to thrift!!

After a windfall of holiday donations, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other charities have full warehouses, excellent selections, and are putting out new items every day. This is the perfect time to pick up dirt cheap work-out gear, especially if you’ve lost some more weight and those old extra-big t-shirts and work out shorts just aren’t cutting it.

Going to the local Goodwill yesterday, I found the following for a total of $16.38:

Gap Wicking Workout Shirt: $3.69

High End, attractive, lightweight Workout / Yoga Pants: $3.69

Beautiful Brown Cotton Boutique Tunic in as-new cond: $3.69

Cotton, fitted grey work out shirt, as new cond: 74 cents

Brand New Cond Orange Chakra Beaded bracelet – big time here: 25 cents!

Yes, all this for about the price of a nice lunch…for 1!!!

What’s the trick? Go into your local store and ask the cashier when workout type clothes come in and are there specific stores that get more of them. 2 minutes with the nice lady at the Goodwill store and I’ll be heading for her recommendation this weekend!

Best of all, in the grey cotton t-shirt and new yoga/workout pants, I got compliments at last night’s yoga class and my honey was amazed! Workout clothes that fit, are flattering, but still let you get the job done are IN. Pack up those old, oversize duds for your next yard sale. Or “pay it forward” and donate them right back to the charity you got your cool new threads from!

Today’s “Tool”!:

This great Calorie Calculator is a terrific tool to keep updating your calorie needs as your weight changes and activity! Many thanks to Andrea for the link.