Pics: Before, After, and Along the “Weigh”

BEFORE: From The “Heights” of 278.8 Pounds In December 2010…


















“Along the Weigh”: We Jump to December 24, 2011 – Almost 68 Pounds Lost – 211!

Just 2 Months Later: Only down 3 pounds, but Boy Does It Show!:

















Mid June 2012, another 10 pounds down…78 pounds so far!


20 thoughts on “Pics: Before, After, and Along the “Weigh”

  1. Wow! Great job!! You look fantastic!

    Makes me think I should try to rustle up some pictures of my before and show where I am now. I’ve lost 57 pounds myself, and I’m much smaller. Still pretty big, but I’m working on it!!

    • Thanks – definitely rustle up those pics! After losing 57 pounds that difference you see will help motivate you to keep going and working. Sounds like you’re doing great!

  2. You look great and so happy too! You have lost so much weight it motivate me to see that. We are around the same weight at the moment. My goal is “around” 135 pounds but I will see how I feel when I get there.:-)

    • Thank you so much!! We’ll both just have to keep on going – I know we’ll both feel so amazing when we reach our goals. It’ll be worth all the hard work!

  3. You look so healthy and happy! Congratulations. I am also on a weight loss journey, which I like to say can be like Frodo on the way to Mordor, but with help we can all make it to our healthy goals!

    • Many thanks my friend and cheerleader! That outfit is actually too big and going into garage sale pile. Just did a “closet edit” and another 7 pieces are too big – almost no professional / dress up stuff left – pretty exciting! Only 14 pounds til next “milestone” – under 200 and brand new sneaks!

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