These look perfect for when you’re “dying” for something sweet but don’t want to blow a good workout’s hard work! Will try them too and let you all know how I like them – sure I will!

Living Made Healthy

When I’m bored or avoiding housework I like to peruse Pinterest. Everyone does right?

Lately, I’ve really started to miss baking. I haven’t really made anything interesting because there is no one to eat them. Obviously I don’t want a ton of sweet treats sitting on the counters, and Blake sure as hell doesn’t need to eat a whole batch of anything, so I’ve just haven’t made anything. Poor KitchenAid mixer is getting dusty!

red kitchen aid

I’ve seen this recipe for Peanut Butter Breakfast cookie before and always passed it over, but today I deiced to take a look at the recipe. It’s actually not bad! There is no sugar, no flour, and no butter! Wow! Sounds way too good to be true!

I decided to try it out. Of course, in true Erin fashion with some adjustments. Seriously, I can’t follow recipe to save my life, even when I try I…

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  1. I know myself well enough that this would be lethal. I’d eat them all at once.
    How-some-ever, I recently got myself a Magic Bullet (little ones are darn cheap) and am in love with my early morning smoothie. Frozen fruit, spinach and almond milk is my fav so far. A delicious, quick start before I go to the gym. It makes me feel so dang healthy!

    • Morning smoothies are awesome, esp before the gym. Have you thought about adding a little protein powder? It might give a little more energy and is great for recovery. Fantastic work though!!!

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