“On the Ball” Week Challenge – Day 4

On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE – Day 4

Day 4: “Accountability Check-In“:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now:  207.6 – .4 more lost from yesterday’s 208 (.8 lb-loss, .7 to go in 3 days!) Result: BACK ON TARGET! – .7 to reach weight loss week goal of 1.5 pounds.
  2. Diet: NO CARB DAY– 1st: protein+veggies (2 eggs/spinach), 2nd: carbs! (small bowl lf granola/ff milk), 3rd: protein+veggies (chicken putanesca/green beans), 4th: CARB – small cupcake, Water: (8) 8 oz glasses!, No 5th meal. Result: Supposed to be a “No Carb” Day but had carbs 2 times and still Lost .4!!
  3. Exercise: No real exercise Thursday – spent all day working on computer, back on board this afternoon.
  4. Stability Ball: None today, Result: Still lost weight!

Take Away from Day 4:
I think after the overwhelming stress of restoring my laptop from a complete crash and the hours spend on the phone with EVIL DELL!!!, my system was just wiped out. I haven’t done any significant exercise in the last two days and have still dropped .6 – over a Half Pound. An important lesson on the effect of stress on the body – sometimes we need to give it a short break from exercise (and maybe a few extra calories) to let it recover. I will be doing my regular workout this afternoon and final one on Saturday. Monday is “Final Results Day” and still .7 away from goal. Seems like a lot but am shooting for it!!
Check in tomorrow for Friday’s Results!

3 thoughts on ““On the Ball” Week Challenge – Day 4

  1. Just wanted to say, you inspired me to pump up my exercise ball which has been a little flat and neglected under my desk the last couple weeks, and I am on the ball today right with you 🙂

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